9 Surprising Things That Car Insurance Covers

9 Surprising Things That Car Insurance Covers

How many of these expenses were already covered by insurance? When it comes to unexpected expenses, your homeowners’ insurance may be able to help.

Many unexpected auto insurance claims can be paid, including damage caused by rodents and falling branches.

Most of these benefits are only available with comprehensive coverage, which varies by insurer. The following is a list of unexpected losses that your auto insurance may help cover.

1. Volcanic eruptions

In 2018, Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano erupted, sending lava into the streets and destroying everything in its path. Assuming they had comprehensive coverage, anyone whose car was destroyed by the lava flow was likely compensated by their auto insurance.

Natural disasters such as wildfires, earthquakes, and windstorms can all be covered by comprehensive insurance policies.

2. Riots

ep up and make restitution for your losses. Riots are among the types of events that are covered by the majority of comprehensive car insurance policies.

3. Vandalism

Of course, to be covered, it is not necessary that rioters be responsible for the damage to your automobile.

Vandalism can occur for a variety of reasons and result in an insurance claim. A slashed tire, a locked door, or graffiti spray-painted on the side are all examples of such damage. If you need to file a claim, you’ll need comprehensive coverage, and don’t forget that your deductible will be applied as well.

4. Animal damage

A deer can cause significant damage to your vehicle, which is why car-deer collisions are a major safety concern in many parts of the country. If you have comprehensive coverage, your insurance policy will most likely cover the cost of the repairs.

It can also be beneficial to have a comprehensive insurance policy in the event of other animal-related damage, such as rodents making a home under the hood or chewing through electrical wiring.

5. Missiles

We hope that we will not have to worry about military missiles striking our automobiles, but you never know: life can get pretty crazy. In addition to missile strikes, more common falling hazards such as branches and ice are covered by comprehensive insurance coverage.

Poorly maintained roads are a problem all over the country, but your collision insurance will protect you if you hit a pothole and your vehicle is damaged as a result of the damage.

A collision insurance policy will also pay claims if your vehicle rolls over or hits a tree.

7. Damage from uninsured motorists

Most states have at-fault insurance laws, which means that the insurer of the person who caused the damage is responsible for paying for the repairs and any associated medical expenses that result from the accident.

The at-fault party may be uninsured or underinsured in some instances, which is referred to as “tort liability.” In those instances, your insurance policy will cover your expenses as long as you have uninsured motorist coverage.

8. Injured pets

If Fido is riding along with you and is injured in a car accident, your collision coverage may be able to cover the cost of his medical treatment. However, your insurer’s coverage for veterinary bills for pet injuries may have some limitations on how much money it will pay.

9. Lost wages

The vast majority of people are aware that the personal injury protection (PIP) portion of their car insurance will cover medical expenses. The fact that this coverage will also cover lost wages if you are forced to miss time from work as a result of an injury sustained in a car accident is something you might not be aware of.


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