How to Make Money Sharing Your Opinion with Branded Surveys

How to Make Money Sharing Your Opinion with Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys, a market research company, rewards Americans with cash rewards for signing up for and completing online surveys. According to a press release, the company began offering cash in exchange for your opinion on May 1.

Your Opinion Matters

Did you know that your opinion matters regarding products, services, packaging, product quality, and pricing? Yes, it does.

Because every business, from small companies operating within your country to large multinational corporations, is constantly seeking your input to improve the quality of their products and services.

And the good news is that Branded Surveys will pay you for your opinion as well.

The Benefits of Participating in Branded Surveys (An Unbiased Opinion)

The reason is straightforward. As I mentioned previously, all top brands and those wishing to establish a strong presence in domestic or international markets face stiff competition.

“Every business has only two functions,” according to renowned American management expert, author, and motivational speaker Peter Drucker.

As a result, your perspective on brands aids organizations in marketing and innovation. They want your input to market the right products and services to the broadest possible audience.

On the other hand, innovation enables them to stay ahead of the competition and advantage over other major market players. This guarantees they will capture the lion’s share of the market pie.

Typically, these organizations retain the services of a market research firm to conduct online branded surveys on their behalf. In turn, these market research firms conduct online surveys among their online community members.

Because such organizations value candid reviews that assist them in marketing their products and services more effectively or innovating their market offerings, they are willing to compensate you for your efforts.

How to Earn Money Through Branded Surveys

Earning money with Branded Surveys is a straightforward process. I’ll detail the various steps required to make money from Branded Surveys. Additionally, they pay in cash.

According to the official website of Branded Surveys, 35% of its online survey community members use these cash rewards to purchase household necessities. If you find this intriguing, here’s how to earn money with Branded Surveys.

Sign Up for a Free Membership

It is entirely free to join Branded Surveys. Simply sign up using your Google or Facebook account or another email address, and create a password.

Generally, Branded Surveys accepts registrations almost immediately. Currently, membership in Branded Surveys’ online survey community is restricted to residents of the United States of America.

Get 100 Bonus Points

When Branded Surveys accepts your application to join its online survey community, you will receive up to 100 bonus points. These 100 points are now worth a whopping $5 in hard cash.

However, you cannot request a payout based solely on these bonus points. Rather than that, you’ll need to complete some online surveys before you can request payment.

Make Your Own Profile

You must create your own profile on the dashboard that Branded Surveys provides upon successful application for membership in their online survey community.

This dashboard allows you to create and customize your own profile. Thus, Branded Surveys will only send you online surveys relevant to your specific areas of interest.

This saves you time because you are not required to participate in online surveys on subjects you have little or no knowledge of.

Add PayPal information to your profile

If you want to earn money from Branded Surveys, you’ll need a PayPal account. It’s extremely simple to open a PayPal account in the United States of America.

All you need to do is create an account on PayPal using your email address and a secure password that only you can easily remember.

PayPal accounts are entirely free to open. On the other hand, PayPal charges a fee for transferring money to your bank account.

Alternatively, you can use the PayPal debit card or PayPal wallet, available to residents of the United States.

Complete Online Surveys

Following your successful registration and profile creation, Branded Surveys will send you online surveys relevant to your interests.

This information will be displayed on your dashboard. However, you will also receive an email alerting you to new surveys that match your profile.

As a result, ensure that you provide a valid email address during the registration process. This email address and password, or your Branded Surveys login information, are required to receive the cash.

Earn a minimum of 500 points

You must earn at least 500 points to be eligible for payment from Branded Surveys. As I previously stated, every 100 points earned through Branded Surveys is worth $5.

This equates to a $25 payout for 500 points. You have the option of redeeming your 500 points immediately or saving them from earning a more significant sum of money.

Select a Reward

One of the benefits of Branded Surveys is the variety of rewards available. At the moment, Branded Surveys offers three distinct types of incentives.

The first option is to pay with cash via PayPal. The second option is to receive shopping vouchers for Amazon and Apple – both online and in-store – in the amount you have collected.

Your payout request will be processed within three days to one week by Branded Surveys. All payout requests must be submitted solely through your dashboard.

Survey Topics on Branded Surveys

According to a press release from the company, Branded Surveys is currently conducting online surveys on health, shopping, travel, music, politics, education, food and beverages, movies, and games.

According to the press release, additional topics will be added in the coming months. Therefore, when creating your personal profile on Branded Surveys, be sure to check as many topics as possible that are of interest to you.

How Much Money for an Online Survey?

According to its official website, it pays between $1 and $3 per survey. This is dependent on a variety of factors, including the length of the survey and the time required to complete it.

The longer and more complex surveys earn the most money, at $3 per survey. By all accounts, this is the most money that any online survey website or market research firm has ever paid its online survey community.

Exchanging Points for Rewards

As mentioned previously, you can redeem your points for cash or rewards. At the moment, Branded Surveys only offers two types of rewards if you’re not looking for hard cash.

One of them is free Amazon shopping vouchers, the world’s largest online retailer. And the second is for the Apple Store, which you can use to purchase paid apps online or in-store.

Can We Trust Branded Surveys?

To be honest, I haven’t come across any negative or adverse reviews about Branded Surveys from members of its online survey community.

As a result, I can confidently conclude that it is a legitimate website offering genuine rewards. This translates into cash or in-kind earnings for you, as your investment time and effort results in cash or in-kind earnings.

As many as 35% of Branded Surveys’ online survey community members request Amazon vouchers because they help them save money on household necessities. You may also request Amazon vouchers instead of hard cash.

Privacy on Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys’ official policy is straightforward. They will never request sensitive or personal information from you. They only require your email address and location.

You are not required to provide your bank account information, Social Security number, or other information to join and earn money from their online survey community.

They will, however, request broad information about your location, such as the city or town and state in which you live, as indicated by your ZIP code.

Branded Surveys frequently receive online surveys for a specific state or region in the United States of America. They do not request your mailing address, residential address, or employment information.

The minimum age to participate in Branded Surveys is sixteen (16). They accept children under the age of 16 as members of their online survey community with parental consent.

This means that students can earn money through Branded Surveys as well.

Donating Your Earnings

If you wish to donate your points to charity, Branded Surveys allows you to do so. The company has agreements in place with various reputable non-governmental organizations throughout the United States of America to receive funds from them using points donated by members of the online survey community.

Among these non-governmental organizations and charitable organizations is Habitat for Humanity, the American Cancer Society, and RED.

They allow you to donate your points to any charity or non-governmental organization of your choice.

Because Branded Surveys is extremely strict, never create a fictitious profile. If you do, you will be removed from their online survey community and forfeit your earnings.

Speed Matters

You can join Branded Surveys safely and earn money quickly. Signing up is quick and easy, and you can complete online surveys in your spare time?

Before I conclude, I’d like to emphasize the importance of checking your email frequently each day for notifications about new online surveys from Branded Surveys.

This is because each survey is limited to a set number of respondents. If you do not respond to a survey in a timely manner, the survey will most likely expire,

costing you an excellent opportunity to earn between $1 and $3 per survey. As a result, it is critical to act quickly when accessing your dashboard and completing the survey.


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